Review:LENOVO Ideapad G770 Best budget gaming laptops.

New Lenovo Ideapad G770 The best budget gaming laptops.

LENOVO Ideapad G770 is Notebook that many people with an eye on the price and features, with the  power processing of Intel Core i5-2410M Intel Core i5 Gen 2 has been updated to work better, Match with the AMD Radeon HD 6650M graphics cards via AMD Dynamic Switchable will be displayed on large screens in the huge 17.3 inch. Resolution 1600 x 900, 4 GB DDR 3 RAM, hard drive to 750 GB. Awesome! This is the best budget gaming laptops.

Lenovo ldeapad G770 best budget gaming laptops

Specification of New Lenovo Ideapad G770 gaming laptops.
Processor CPU: Intel Core i5-2410M (2.30 GHz, 3 MB L3 Cache, up to 2.90 GHz)
Chipset : Mobile Intel HM65 Express
Graphic system : Graphic Chip AMD Radeon HD 6650M (2GB GDDR3)
Display Type: 17.3 inch WXGA++ (1600x900) LED
Main Memory: Memory 4 GB DDR3
Hard Disk Drive: Hard Disk 750 GB 5400 RPM
Optical Disc Drive: Drive DVD Writer (Dual Layer Support)
Web Camera: Details 2.0 MPixel
core i5 best budget gaming laptops
Port & Interface 
  •   USB 2.0 = 3
  •   USB 3.0 = 1
  •   Firewire = No
  •   Display Port = No
  •   D-Sub/VGA = Yes
  •   e-SATA = No
  •   HDMI = Yes
  •   Card Reader = 5in1 card reader Print
  •   Express Slot = No
  •   Finger Print = No
  • Connection =  Wireless Lan 802.11 (a/b/g/n)
  •   Bluetooth = Yes
  •   LAN = Yes
  •   Modem = No
Battery Details: 6-Cell Li-Ion
Weight Details: 3.00 Kg.
Operating System: OS Bundle DOS Operating System
Warranty Details: 1 Y.
Price approx: $763.

New Lenovo Ideapad G770 gaming laptops Test & 3DMark Benchmark Score.

Windows 7 Home Ultimate Score.
Processor: Calculations per second = 6.9 Memory[RAM]: Memory operations per second = 7.2 Graphics: Desktop performance for Windows Aero = 5.4 Gaming graphics: 3D business and gaming graphics performance = 6.5 Primary hard disk: Disk data transfer rate = 5.9
Base Score = 5.4
**May be seen that at the points of Graphics drop-down. That is the result of technology,AMD Dynamic Switchable it.In comparison, the Asus A43SV-VX157D is that the scores did not differ**
Benchmark Score.
  • 3DMark06 = 7916
  • 3DMark 11 = P1120
  • Heaven Benchmark ( Ungine Engine ) : DirectX11= 327
Crysis2-new gaming laptops    Devil May Cry4-new gaming laptops
Testing Game.
  • Crysis 2 ( Option: gamer) FPS= 29.87
  • Devil May Cry ( All high setting) FPS= 73.50
  • Resident( high Quality, off Anti-Aliasing) FPS= 56.4
  • Street Fighter IV ( high setting) FPS= 89.97
  • Dirt 2 (high setting) FPS= 34.3
The review ends with a giant Notebook LENOVO Ideapad G770. Having said that, if you find it. It is inconceivable that it's really big!! After the test, we feel a little disappointed with the video card [AMD Radeon HD 6650M ]. I would imagine that it is more power. Versa, It can not power like NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M. But It has been considered. It is also possible to play the game smoothly.
The advantage of this LENOVO Ideapad G770 is big screen. If one wishes to adjust the full resolution and then play a game, without a doubt Video card is not real power. Ask me if it's suitable for gaming or not. I think that it is not appropriate. But if you ask me. Is it a best budget laptops? Let me tell you that it's great budget laptops you can work documents, movies, music and high resolution.
If you are not serious gamers. The Lenovo Ideapad G770 can able to respond your demand as well. About the heat system. The Lenove Ideapad G770 will be large body, But you can peace of mind because  it has no problems with heat, not over 70 degree.

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